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Aug 19, 2019
How to Tell if Your Horse is Dehydrated
Jeanette Mero dvm
Dr. Jeanette Mero outlines the early warning signs of dehydration in horses and shares how much a horse should drink on a hot day. Listen to the podcast here. More info...

Aug 16, 2019
Personal Loans for Horse Needs
Low Rate Personal Loan
personal loanA personal loan can be the best way to meet unexpected expenses such as horse illness or injury. Or maybe you want to purchase a horse. A personal loan can be the fastest and best way to solve your money needs. More info...

Aug 16, 2019
Summer Horse Grooming Care
by Ashley Snell
While it’s a priority to look pristine during the show circuit summer months, grooming is also important for health and comfort. Whether it’s a lazy day in the pasture, or your horse is active with training and riding, the summer grooming care you provide is essential. Proper care helps to increase your horse’s comfort when the sun is bright and the temperatures are on the rise. It also protects your horse’s coat and skin from irritating conditions. Use these grooming tips to keep your horse comfortable and healthy throughout the summer. More info...

Aug 16, 2019
I Love Ocala Tee Shirt
Fabulous Ocala
More info...

Aug 14, 2019
How to Feed Senior Horses
by Nettie Liburt, MS, PhD, PAS
Twenty percent of the U.S. horse population is now over the age of 20. And with age comes increasing risk for several conditions, including colic, pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID, aka equine Cushing’s disease), dental disease, and weight loss/gain. Fortunately, nutrition can aid in managing these issues. After all, “age is a number, not a disease,” said Megan Shepherd, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVN. More info...

Aug 13, 2019
0% Interest Credit Card
Pay off high interest rate credit cards
Credit card companies include Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Cit, Capital One, and HSBC. You can choose the best card for you in terms of cash rewards and 0% interest. More info...

Jul 25, 2019
Horses saddled with gender bias: mares seen as 'bossy'
New research finds human prejudice towards mares could be harmful
Many riders have long considered stallions to be dangerous or difficult but new research now shows mares are also seen as "bossy" or "unreliable", raising concerns for their welfare. More info...

Jul 14, 2019
Horse Riding in the Sun
Protect you and your horse from the sun and heat
Most horse riders have to endure whatever the weather brings, cold and wet or hot and humid, horse and pony lovers are out there. When it is set to be hot you need to give some thought about how to protect yourself (and your horse) from the sun.

If you are wearing correct riding clothes your skin will be mostly covered and safe from sunburn. The long sleeves which will protect your skin from grazing should you fall will also protect you from the sun`s rays. Your helmet will also protect your head.
More info...

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